July 14 2015

When is SIP not a standard? The devil is in the detail

When is SIP not a standard? The devil is in the detail

SIP has enjoyed wide adoption as a signalling standard within telecom because of it’s flexibility. The standard defines the length and composition of a message composed of letters and numbers. This inherent flexibility means the standard is open to interpretation when it comes to practical implementation.

What this means in reality is that each node manufacturer and each device manufacturer have their own version of SIP, with another layer of complexity added when each project team creates its own flavour and derivative. 

The computational complexity is mind boggling and unfortunate and is an issue left to each Operator to discover and resolve, particularly now as they implement VoLTE, VoWiFi services.

To tackle this problem head on we suggest Operators carry out conformity testing at an early stage on their networks which should be automated to achieve actionable insights in a cost effective manner.

At BlueTC we have developed processes and tools ready to help customers on reducing the negative impact of conducting long service and devices testing cycles affecting the Time To Market and OpEx. 

To find out more as to how BlueTC can help, please contact us.


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