January 5 2021

THANK YOU for staying in touch throughout 2020!

THANK YOU for staying in touch throughout 2020!

During these unprecedented times, from the entire BlueTC Team, we would like to THANK YOU for staying in touch with us throughout 2020!

Early in the year, when news surfaced about a virus, – which quickly evolved into a full blown pandemic -, our way of working and interacting needed rethinking. As a forewarning of what was to come, the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress was the first large, international trade show in our industry to be cancelled. From then on virtual events and meetings became the norm globally.

Luckily, a few years back, in line with best practice, BlueTC had already implemented the possibility of remote working. Hence, those employees who had opted in were already equipped and working this way. Due to lock down this option became compulsory, which meant that with very short notice BlueTC had to ramp up and extend systems to administer a virtual office for all. Due to the agile cooperation of our clients and near to seamless implementation we have received very positive feedback. Our customers are increasingly embracing this collaboration model that if professionally managed has many benefits for our customers, BlueTC and our employees alike. Consequently, we are noticing an increase in requests for near-shore consultancy services even from outside of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. In response to the changing ways of working and collaborating, with the aim of staying in touch with our prospects and clients, BlueTC’s business development efforts went digital and in the spring of 2020 we launched a series of live Telco Webinars. The goal was to showcase our capabilities in areas like Advanced Analytics/AI, Testing Automation and Security Aspects in Mobile Operators’ DevOps Processes.   We will continue this work in 2021 which kicks off on the 20th of January with the first in a series of three Webinars on how to strengthen VoIP security in 4G/5G Networks. This topic has gained relevance through the EU’s Toolbox (Secure 5G networks: the EU toolbox (europa.eu) that was created to ensure the security of the 5G infrastructure and supply chain in its Member States. Since 2015, BlueTC has worked with IP/IMS Security, with regards to voice services, and in these Webinars we will share our best practices in this area.   We sincerely look forward to interacting with you and serving you all in 2021!


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