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The Impact of 5G and Other Technologies in Healthcare
Alfonso Mora

The Impact of 5G and Other Technologies in Healthcare

The Spanish healthcare system, both the public and private sectors, focuses on healing diseases and hospital care rather than questions such as prevention and primary care. This reality, coupled with its low digital maturity, makes it incapable of handling challenges like

Miguel Ángel García Matatoros

Security Audits & Testing Increasingly Important for Mobile Network Security

Both prelaunch security verifications and measurements of quality of experience are essential to assure future operator revenue European mobile operators are currently preparing and verifying their core and radio networks for the introduction of voice and video calls and other

Antonio Rodríguez

The Need for End-to-End Network Visibility

As the telecommunication services evolve with the subscribers’ applications in today’s networks, there is a growing disconnection between the perception of quality of the services the operators provide, and the actual quality perceived by their customers. As Ericsson points out

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