Services Overview

We deliver advanced telecoms services to help you capture the value at the heart of your operations to remain at the forefront of next generation telecoms networks. Designed to meet your specific needs, our services capture and deliver business value in a cost-effective way to meet the demands of tomorrow. We achieve this by applying our experience and know-how in the areas of Software Design, Configuration and Operations, CI/CD Telecom Clouds and E2E Services and Payloads.

Product Development

Product Development

Product Development is at the heart of BlueTC’s DNA, due to our breadth and depth of knowledge delivering World class carrier grade software which is being used by leading CSP’s globally though our strong relationship working for the leading European NEV.

With regards to the software lifecycle we take a holistic approach in relation to continuous development, integration and deployment and have honed our work practices and methods to allow our software development pipelines to seamlessly interlink with those of our clients with an emphasis on telco cloud and digital skills.

We can work as an extension of our client’s inhouse capabilities, fill knowledge gaps through out-tasking, and provide an E2E service and support package applying agile methodologies and agreeing appropriate KPIs and flexible commercial arrangements.

Subject Matter Expert & Engineering Consultants

Subject Matter Expert & Engineering Consultants

Key to any project is ensuring you have the right people with the appropriate skills. We provide individuals as Subject Matter Experts to tactically fill the internal skills gap or provide resources for longer term engagements.

A sample of expertise we can provide:

AI & Security

AI & Security

AI and security are very strongly coupled concepts within Telecoms networks and can be applied in all stages of Design, Development, Configuration and Operations.

Key to the success of any project is to be able to develop and extract data into actionable insights which depend on the overall objective. The three stages of data modelling include Off-line Machine Learning, Online Machine Reasoning and ultimately Zero Touch Service Management as applicable.

We have a number of interesting use cases which can be classified in the areas of KPI monitoring, Root Cause Analysis and Predictive Analytics.

Case studies

BlueTC helps you to develop your next generation digital networks!

With a combination our specialist Telecoms Engineering know-how and software development skills BlueTC can help to deliver high performance services related to Design, Development, Configuration and Operations.

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