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In BlueTC’s view, one of the areas where virtualization can provide the most benefits is within the Evolved Packet Core.

Operators worldwide are embracing the possibilities that the Networks Functions Virtualisation (NFV) offer in many areas of the network. The main reasons for this are its potential for cost reductions, improved time-to-market cycles, availability of resources, flexible scaling and not least the network openness. In BlueTC’s view, one of the areas where the virtualization technology can provide the most benefits rigth now is within the Evolved Packet Core.

BlueTC provides a solution for vEPC in partnership with a US based company leading within the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) market. It can refer to real deployments of its advanced technology in tier-1 and tier-2 operators, having provided fully virtualized EPCs dedicated for specific use cases like full LTE deployments, decentralized core networks, M2M dedicated cores, among others, all with a flexible and cost effective approach.

The vEPC allows reducing the services delivery costs to just 10% of the traditional core networks costs, and provides a dynamically scalable and highly controllable solution the operators can deploy in parallel to traditional cores. The innovative approach of the solution is based on efficient and transversal network functions instead of independent nodes, allowing faster response times and better performances in the virtual environment compared to traditional EPCs.