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Equipment Vendors & Operators will have to do far more testing in reduced time cycles. And Testing Automation will be imperative for success.

The processes for deploying systems in the networks, or performing adjustments over these in production environments, often requires operation readiness testing, performance and functional testing in test-beds, among many others.

The 4G technology has exponentially increased the complexity with regards to testing to make sure services are compatible with 2G, 3G and ubiquitous.

Operators are also facing challenges externally and in particular with regards to interconnection. Further, Operators are evolving their networks making continuity difficult to achieve. Actually, with regards to the latest service named Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the interconnection landscape and commercial standardisation are still immature and rely on the open IMS standard which has yet to be standardized on a practical level.

Given this background, it is vital that Operators understand that they will have to do far more testing in reduced cycles to maintain standards, yet alone improve them, which makes automation strategically imperative for success. Business cases show time saving of 80% are not uncommon when testing is automated.

BlueTC offers a wide set of services beyond the traditional networks testing, including Testing Automation, which allows performing the testing tasks in a more effective and efficient way by:

  • Accelerating the testing processes
  • Enabling team members’ contribution to testing objectives regardless of specific skills
  • Implementing objective success criteria for each test
  • Reducing the time-to-market and enabling multiple parallel testing processes when required
  • Freeing up time that permits test teams to carry out work of a higher value by shifting the focus to validating the outcomes of tests and root cause diagnosis
  • Improving the reporting of the testing and its communication through the teams
  • Leveraging existing information libraries to improve testing activities

The highly innovative Testing Automation solution developed in-house is available for many different use cases and complex systems.

BlueTC has demonstrations available to show the capabilities and added value to both operators and equipment vendors.