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Our solution allows operators to efficiently plan the development and dimensioning of its network capacity and anticipate possible issues, such as bottlenecks.

BlueTC’s Network Analytics Solution for telecom operators and vendors has only been possible to develop thanks to our in-depth knowledge of and competences within the radio and core networks. It is based on an advanced analytics methodology and supported by cutting-edge data-mining tools that employ artificial intelligence.

BlueTC’s Network Analytics solution allows correlating, predicting, simulating, and ultimately anticipating the performance of the different systems and networks.

Through a series of successful Use Cases, during the last years we have worked with some of the leading operators and equipment vendors in Europe and the Americas, in areas like Optimization, Planning and Network Operations.

The solution provides dashboards that visualize and help understand the complex and often non-obvious relations between the different metrics and events in the networks.

Examples of what we can do for your organisation:
  • Assure that the network will be fully able to support the load of a known future event, e.g. a summer-campaign, large sports events, etc.
  • Align marketing strategies with the network capacity planning, for example to support the rollout of new devices or the launch of new services
  • Obtain the best set of parameters for cells configuration to achieve an optimal quality of service (QoS)
  • Identify which nodes are degrading the QoS mostly and know where the bottlenecks are
  • Know how the network capacity changes after any given adjustment
  • Predict which combination of vendor, device model and configuration will perform better under certain conditions
  • Design the best investment plan for ensuring an optimal quality in the network
  • Know how the LTE + radio packet backhaul dynamics will affect network capacity
  • Compare how the new LTE network will be behaving compared to the already mastered 3G network

To sum up, BlueTC’s Network Analytics suite helps equipment vendors and operators in essential tasks like the planning, optimization and management, including maintenance, of network operations in the areas Radio, Core and IMS.

If your organization has other needs, we will be happy to discuss how we can help you.