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Active Service Monitoring

Active Monitoring of Quality is the Answer for Existing M2M Networks

For existing M2M networks, a solution of Active Monitoring of the quality of the network is proposed, that enables measuring the quality experienced by the end-user and aimed at operators.

BlueTC has developed a solution for monitoring the actual quality of the experience that subscribers perceive of the service provided.  This is done by tactically deploying a set of active probes in specific field locations that constantly measure a wide set of indicators, including coverage, response times, jitter, packet losses, throughputs, among others.

This non-intrusive solution includes a centralized repository for the different metrics collected in real time, provided with a web dashboard featuring graphical reporting, status maps and alarms triggering. The operators can offer the Active Service Monitoring solution to their customers as a means to further monetizing the quality of the service provided, both for M2M or regular mobile services, as it interprets data in terms of how the subscribers perceive the quality of service (QoS) beyond the traditional availability of connection and pure radio or core networks metrics.

Fast Services Expansion

"By Enabling Specific Networks for the M2M Traffic, Mobile Subscribers Remain Unaffected"

This solution is provided in partnership with a US based company that is leading within the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) market with real deployments of its advanced technology in tier-1 operators.

A fully virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is implemented with the sole purpose of handling and controlling the M2M traffic. This solution, which is non-intrusive regarding existing networks, is also a very flexible, fast and cost effective way of handling the M2M traffic. The Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) allows reducing the services delivery costs to just 10% of the traditional core networks costs. It is a dynamically scalable and highly controllable solution that the operators can deploy in parallel to traditional cores.

SLA Management Tool

Finally, BlueTC’s suite of solutions within M2M communications includes a tool for monitoring the level of compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLA) associated with M2M connectivity, and is aimed at Operators and their Vertical M2M Customers, industries that base their business processes on device connections.

The SLA Management Tool is a dynamic platform for managing, controlling and reporting compliance with the Service Level Agreements for M2M services. If combined with the Active Monitoring solution above, the SLA Management Tool can be defined in terms of how the actual subscriber understands throughput, including response times in their end devices, coverage, and applications’ performance.

The operators can provide a SLA Management Tool dashboard to their end subscribers with a different access level in order to improve the customer perception and give proactive support. But it can also be offered to traditional (mobile) subscribers in the operators’ networks.

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