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Policy Manager VoLTE “Readiness”

Ensure that you have the correct VoLTE configuration in terms of policies and charging profiles. Are they well defined and optimized?

In this classical service, our focus is on analyzing the current PCEF-PCRF-OCS/OFCS service chain. The aim is to identify potential areas of improvement in terms of solution architecture and configuration.

Policy Performance Audit

Is your Current Capacity Sufficient? Our Stress Test Will Show!

Depending on the VoLTE traffic profiles that are configured in the PCRF and taking into account new interface integrations with the IMS solution’s current solutions’ capacity and their dimensioning may not be sufficient. In fact, a global operator recently stated that VoLTE traffic might imply a duplication or even triplication of the volume of Transactions per Second (TPS) in the Policy and Charging Controller. The answer is BlueTC’s stress test.

VoLTE Traffic Profile Stress Testing - in Lab environment

To be run over the Policy & Charging key nodes in the operator’s Lab. With the results obtained, BlueTC will be able to provide, not only actual bottlenecks on the tested systems but also, clear indications about generic solution design weaknesses and root cause analysis for current or future VoLTE service performance degradations.

IMS Performance Audit

Benchmarking the System Capacity

The IMS Core has become a key network node for certain VoLTE service deployments. Since the maturity of IMS deployments vary a great deal from one operator to another, and also from one application to other, BlueTC has developed the IMS Performance Audit service to benchmark the capacity of the system before VoLTE is launched in a specific customer environment. The service comprises two options:

  • IMS Performance Audit – Preproduction, performed in Lab Environment
  • IMS Performance Audit – In Production or Live Network

IMS Security Management

The increased usage of services supported by IMS networks, together with the addition of new technologies like VoLTE, and the integration with external networks through MVNO’s and roaming agreements, creates important security risks, vulnerabilities and challenges that some of the most technology advanced operators in Asia are already experiencing but also solving. Elements like the Session Border Controller (SBC) can only detect a small fraction of these threats, and its performance gets highly affected when activating the required deep message inspection plug-ins.

Learning from that experience and looking to protect the networks in the European operators in an optimal way, BlueTC offers its IMS Security solution based on its vast experience from IMS projects and on the advanced security services and products of our Japanese partner NextGen Inc. NextGen is a leader in IMS/VoIP solutions for telecom operators and BlueTC is its European Service Partner.

VoLTE E2E Predictive Performance Analysis

This service addresses the End-to-End (E2E) performance of all key network nodes on the VoLTE service delivery (i.e. PCC, EPC, IMS, MTAS, HSS, PCRF).
BlueTC will execute, based on its Network Analytics solution, a performance analysis project employing one of the following two methodologies, depending on the customer environment and possibilities:

  • Production Network Traffic Analysis
  • Lab Network Traffic Analysis

VoLTE E2E Testing

Once all the VoLTE solution sub elements, like IMS, Policy & Charging and EPC have been thoroughly tested and their performance assessed, the turn has come to the Terminal-to-Terminal Voice (use cases) testing.

E2E Service testing is mainly needed when the E2E network elements are integrated and ready for service in the lab environment or in the network pre-live environment, just before service commercial launch.

BlueTC's main service offering regarding VoLTE Testing:
  • Mobile to Mobile VoLTE use cases automated testing. Based on a solution that automates smartphone events, BlueTC will be able to run an ample number of use cases, reducing human intervention and therefore time-to-market.
  • Mobile to Fixed VoLTE-VoIP interworking use cases automated testing. This is the same scenario as in the above case, but includes Voice call quality measurements based on MOS metrics per call.

For more information on the company's offering within Testing Automation, please also see Solutions Prelive Testing or from A Telecoms Blog, this blog post: Testing Automation: An Essential Step for Achieving Telecom Operational Excellence - Why Test Automation is a Strategic Enabler for 4G Services.