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Operators face a variety of challenges in their Policy Control Charging (PPC) & Mediation environments related to:

  • General: Cases of poor QoE, subscriber demand for new technologies/services, increased costs, need for higher ARPA and competitive differentiation, lack of spectrum for cellular communications.
  • Architecture: Increased complexity of installations and multi-vendor environments, “blind scalability” due to lack of estimates, legacy developments & interfaces, existing solutions may be rigid and frequently updates not possible without service impact.
  • Data & Information: Multiple data sources and destination nodes, large amount of data to be handled, low visibility of performance & BSS information.
  • Configuration & Features: Policies & schemes not intuitive enough, rigidity in business logics, need for separate configurations, etc.

BlueTC provides consultancy services and innovative solutions to address these and related challenges:

  • Network congestion management services
  • Dedicated PCC architecture and configuration services for specific technologies: M2M, IMS, Small Cells
  • PCC evolution for new technologies & services
  • Signaling architecture design and gap analysis
  • Network Analytics applied to capacity assessment for PCC & mediation
  • Storage capacity assessments and upgrades
Data & Information:
  • Data repositories consolidation & data migration for PCC
  • Informational loop for optimal PCC & mediation data management
  • Revenue leakage analysis
Configuration & Features:
  • FE applications for intuitive PCC configuration
  • Security and fraud analysis for PCC
  • Update and optimization of mediation processes