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BlueTC® has developed a flexible and highly cost effective solution for the active monitoring of mobile M2M/IoT network quality in real-time that has been named M2M Active Monitoring Solution. This solution delivers objective insights of the M2M/IoT network performance to help Enterprises achieve efficiencies, improve quality and assure service delivery of their IoT business applications/services. Finally it enables the development of new products and services involving IoT technology.

The M2M Active Monitoring Solution allows Enterprises in any vertical sector to gain objective insights into the quality of their M2M/IoT connectivity which is necessary for assuring any processes that involve IoT technology and applications that depend on mobile network connectivity.

This means that with BlueTC’s solution it is possible to actively monitor, in real-time, the performance of the 2G, 3G or 4G mobile networks of any operator in the world. Mobile Operators do not normally offer this type of transparency about the service provided to customers, although the agreed service levels are included in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The insights gained from active monitoring thus translate into improved control and negotiation power for Enterprise customers.

What type of Enterprises may benefit most?

This is a solution that will benefit Enterprises in any vertical sector of activity, like for example manufacturing industries, utilities, logistics & transport, healthcare, smart cities, agriculture and more.

But the solution could be essential to Enterprises that employ mission critical applications in their business activities where the quality of the IoT connectivity is vital and those that require a certain network performance. Examples are health applications or driverless vehicles where milliseconds of delays in data communications could have fatal consequences.

The M2M Active Monitoring Solution is also particularly valuable to Enterprises that have global operations or offerings as also national and international roaming networks may be monitored. Logistics and Transport are obvious examples, but any mobile IoT device or machine will have to be assured for its correct functioning when roaming is required.

Areas of application of our solution for Enterprises, what you can do with it:

  • Perform feasibility studies before investments locations are decided by actively testing your Service Delivery in selected locations
  • Fine-tune and optimise how your IoT applications work
  • Troubleshoot performance problems of complex business applications that integrate diverse partners (device, business app providers, Enterprise IT, IoT Connectivity,…)  
  • Test, assure and improve your Service Delivery anywhere
  • Achieve efficiencies and savings in your IoT operations
  • Develop tailored IoT products and services
  • Employ the monitoring results in IoT Connectivity contract negotiations with Mobile Operators
  • Check and assure your Mobile Operator’s compliance to SLAs


BlueTC is a provider and Partner of Tele2 IoT (please read more about our collaboration in this Press Release). We work closely together to solve specific needs of Tele2 IoT's Enterprise customers by creating synergies and added value through different ways of employing the M2M Active Monitoring Solution.

BlueTC also offers the solution independently to the Enterprise market.

Would you like to see for yourself how it works?

Blue Telecom Consulting offers Demos of the complete solution (in certain geographic areas only via Web-meetings).

In some cases we can also engage in pilot projects.

BlueTC has done research by measuring the quality of service of M2M/IoT connectivity of international Mobile Operators and presented the results in the IoT Now Magazine: Assuring quality of service in M2M and IoT connectivity.

If interested in more information or a meeting, please send an email to sales @ stating your organisation’s specific needs or interests.

If you represent a Mobile Operator, please go to this web section.