February 13 2014

Employee Christmas Event 2013: The Premiere of The Hobbit II – The Desolation of Smaug

Mid December 2013, BlueTC held its annual employee event together with our family and friends, now a tradition that many of the “BlueTC family” looks forward to. Actually, from early autumn and onwards,   emails asking about the event date and chosen film fill up my in-box. And as soon as the invitation was formally sent, many of you started securing tickets. So finally, we almost managed to fill two entire theatres that had been booked exclusively for BlueTC, one with the Spanish and one with the original version, more than 400 people in total!

Late Friday afternoon December 13, we all gathered at Kinepolis, an important cinema complex close to Madrid, to enjoy The Premiere of The Hobbit II, The Desolation of Smaug, as was a natural choice, given we saw the first part of this saga together in 2012.

At the theatre entrance, we had displayed our courtesy gifts that this year consisted of a ruck-sack with carefully selected merchandising products. A practical, refillable water bottle, a notebook, a set of post-its and bookmarks, a stylus pen (ideal for touch-screens!) and finally a credit card holder, all personalized with our logo. We had of course also remembered the kids that received a wooden suitcase with crayons, markers, water colors, etc. A few of the adults confessed that they would have preferred the suitcase.

As you might already know, BlueTC collaborates with UNICEF since 2011 through the company program “Multiplica por la Infancia”. This year, in addition to the annual donation, we wanted to do a little more for the children of the Philippines. This is why we launched our own online challenge, “El Reto BlueTC”, to help children affected by the Typhoon Haiyang-Yolanda that swept over the Philippines on November 8.

The objective of our challenge is to raise 4.500 Euros for this cause. To kick off the campaign, BlueTC initially donated 1.500 Euros. Our firm commitment is that if we between all of us manage to raise 3.000 Euros, totaling 4.500, BlueTC will double its initial donation to the challenge.

To those of you that already have collaborated, a warm THANK YOU! So far, as of mid February 2014, we have raised 2.396 Euros, so we still need the help of the rest of you! If everyone donates just a small amount, we can reach many more children! To participate in the challenge simply follow this link: The Challenge BlueTC – UNICEF, and pay anonymously or in your name, by credit card, PayPal or by bank transference. The challenge lasts until February 28 2014.

To support the kick-off of the challenge, the President of the UNICEF Madrid Committee, Manuel López Madrid Miguel, came along to our employee event and gave a short speech explaining the importance of permanent collaborators like BlueTC to help UNICEF reach children in need, especially when complemented with actions that reach a wider audience, such as our employees and your families.

Also, a small team of UNICEF volunteers promoted their solidary products, known as “Regalo Azul”. Thanks to their sales and your donations that day, UNICEF raised around 450 Euros. Every donation is important, as with as little as 10 Euros drinking water can be provided to 68 children for a week and 25 Euros buys a first-aid kit for use in emergency situations.

Finally, if you want to view and download all the photos from the event, made by our company photographer, just follow this link (that is only accessible for registered BlueTC employees): Download photos here

I hope you enjoy the images and what you will return with the same high spirits for the employee event next Christmas!


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