Blue Telecom Consulting

BlueTC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

BlueTC has chosen to mainly collaborate with two organisations in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our intention when we started out was to give something back to the global society that we serve and are a part of. Recently, we

Blue Telecom Consulting

Can an IT DevOps approach speed up CSP Innovation? (VanillaPlus)

In this article Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC) suggests that communications service providers (CSPs) should look to their strongest competitors for inspiration in the search for new innovation and operational models to reduce CapEx, gain efficiencies and grow revenue

Blue Telecom Consulting

BlueTC Wins Challenging Project with UK Operator

Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) is pleased to announce a new project with an operator that is a leader in voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK market.

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