May 28 2012

BlueTC’s ISO 9001 Certification

BlueTC has developed and implemented a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001. This system is a framework for our principles of continuous improvement of the organisation’s performance. It focuses on process management with the aim of creating a common culture and aligning activities to meet customer requirements strategically and successfully.

BlueTC achieved ISO 9001 certification in May 2012 as a Resource, Service, Solution and Development Provider in the telecom sector, which confirmed our commitment to an excellent quality of service.

BlueTC´s quality system includes, among other elements, leadership development, employee involvement, a process and systems approach to management, a factual approach to decision making, the development of mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customer orientation. Our annual customer satisfaction survey measures our degree of fulfilment of customer needs and expectations and provides us with useful input for improvement.

Regarding information security management, BlueTC’s system is based on the principles of ISO 27001.

We have obtained the most advanced provider certifications needed to work with leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers. We are a major authorised service provider and prime service provider of important tier-1 suppliers in the sector. BlueTC works hard to maintain and add new certifications from major players in the markets we serve.

In addition, individual consultants that take part in our often-multidisciplinary teams hold individual professional certifications as requested by the customer or defined by the project deliverables or Service Level Agreement agreed upon.

Our Quality Policy (Rev G)

BlueTC, is an international and independent telecommunications consultancy that provides innovative and specialised solutions, services, development and resources to operators, network equipment manufacturers and System Integrators, as well as to Enterprises from a range of vertical sectors that employ IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in their operations or part of their products and services.

BlueTC works with top tier companies in the telecommunications sector in various countries and takes on projects globally. It has the ability to work in multivendor environments and offers great flexibility regarding customer collaboration and project delivery models with a common management framework.

BlueTC’s mission is to create value for Telecom companies developing their own solutions and services based on its unique combination of expertise and experience within the telecommunications value chain. The main areas in which the company works are:

  • Telco Cloud Product Development (DevOps, Virtualization and Orchestration, Microservices, Python, REACT, C++, Java)
  • Deployment and Advanced Operations of Telecom Networks (DevOps, Advanced Analytics/AI, Automation, IMS Intrusion Detection and Attack Prevention Systems)
  • Security Testing and Monitoring and Assurance of Quality of Service of Telecom Networks (Security Audits, Implementation of Security Policies and Products, Monitoring of Service Levels)
  • Testing Automation

The company was established in Madrid in 2005 and has offices in Spain, Sweden and the UK and through partners also covers Latin America.

Through this Quality Policy, BlueTC is committed to:

  • Strive to know and satisfy customer needs and expectations and also the legal and regulatory requirements resulting from the corresponding application of services rendered.
  • Guarantee the customers a service delivery in an agile and effective way, providing solutions, services and resources that meet the most demanding quality standards.
  • Promote Continuous Improvement of the quality management system and processes and their effectiveness, by ensuring their constant adaptation to the context of the company.
  • Share and involve our employees in the mission of the company and maintain and improve their professional capacity.
  • Implicate our collaborators in the commitment to quality and continuous improvement in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

This Quality Policy is the framework used by Management to establish and maintain annual objectives and it is reviewed periodically to keep it updated and suitable.


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