December 28 2018

BlueTC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

BlueTC has chosen to mainly collaborate with two organisations in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our intention when we started out was to give something back to the global society that we serve and are a part of. Recently, we have been able to realise our growing ambition to share our knowledge and expertise within telecoms and new technologies with those who have learning differences.

UNICEF, Madrid Committee

Since 2011 BlueTC is a “Collaborating Company” and part of UNICEF Spain’s Program named Multiplica por la Infancia (Multiply for Childhood). We have chosen to give economic support to the Schools in Africa programme since we believe all children should have access to schooling.

In addition, we have executed different one-off actions throughout the years. These include anything from a crowdfunding campaign in favour of the children and families affected by the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines in 2013, buying UNICEF’s Christmas cards for our seasonal greetings to employees, collaborators and customers as well as having a market stall with UNICEF gifts at our annual employee event. In 2012, an exceptional year for the company, we decided to make an additional economic contribution and donated 0,7% of our gross revenue to UNICEF Spain instead of distributing Christmas gifts to customers.

Another more implicit, but not less important responsibility of any company that like us collaborates on a continuous basis with UNICEF, is to help spread the word about their campaigns. This often calls for urgent action in response to natural disasters or humanitarian crises, but also requests for contributions to more recurring needs of children worldwide. We do so by sharing UNICEF’s campaigns mainly via our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Follow us and stay tuned!

Fundación Down Madrid

Another important action within the Corporate Social Responsibility plan of BlueTC is the development of the educational project “Yo como tú… Internet de las Cosas” in collaboration with Down Madrid. This is a non-profit organisation whose main mission is to work for the complete inclusion and integration of people with Down’s Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities at all levels of society. Down Madrid is very aware of the importance of offering training within the area of Information and Communications Technologies to people with intellectual disabilities. This helps them to be informed, updated and technologically literate, the latter an important aspect of modern society.

BlueTC also understands the importance of training Down Madrid’s students in IoT, which will allow them to develop the digital thinking needed nowadays. As a result, BlueTC has designed together with Down Madrid, an adapted program based on the realisation of practical activities besides theoretical formation. The students are the main protagonists of the program since, in addition to their training, they are the ones in charge of validating the content of the program.

The program takes place in the classrooms of Down Madrid with professionals of BlueTC and Down Madrid, during the 2017/2018 course. Click here for more information.

In addition, BlueTC has supported Down Madrid in its Christmas calendar campaigns. During BlueTC’s annual employee event, Down Madrid set a selling point in the cinema before the projection of the movie. By doing this they were able to offer their calendar to 500 people.

The 2018 calendar edition has been designed with photos of several children and young people of the foundation, accompanied by members of the 501 Spanish Garrison Legion of Star Wars. The purpose of the calendar is to promote the social awareness of its members in society. All the funds raised are donated entirely to the foundation.

Learn more about BlueTC’s CSR activities:

Read our Blog Post about the UNICEF Crowdfunding campaign launched by our company during our employee 2013 Christmas event.

Read our Press Release regarding our collaboration with Down Madrid, the Educational Project that introduces a group of pupils with Down’s Syndrome to how the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies work, and how these can help them in their daily lives.


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