June 4 2012

BlueTC Showcases a Framework for Verification in Complex Product Development Environments

This past month of May Blue Telecom Consulting (hereafter BlueTC) participated in an international Product Development Conference for vendors specialized in the telecommunications sector.

In this event BlueTC showcased its wide experience in verification environments gained through numerous projects for telecom infrastructure developers. One of the most recent projects involve a customer tailored solution for complex verification environments. This solution is being developed for a customer with needs for repetitive verfications involving many differnet professsionals and with continous reinstallations. The benefits have already been many, like simplified troubleshooting routines, less incidents, disruptions and reworks, which all in all has enabled faster innovation and efficient product development.

Among the general advantages that this type of solution provides are; automated deployments, flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, it is product agnostic and also highly customizable to different environments, which permits the customer to implement the solution, with the necessary adaptations, to other departments in its organization. BlueTC has the expertise and experience needed to add customer value in this type of environments and projects.

BlueTC also capitalized on this event to formally launch its new corporate logo, image and Website that went online in March this year. In the past months the entire service portfolio has been renewed and amplified as well. The result is a widened range of services that now covers all main phases of telecom product development cycle as well as professional services like the integration of network products and related value added services. This extended service portfolio has been created around the core expertise already in place in-house and more than 6 years of experience in R&D projects. It comes as a result of ambitious growth plans for the next three years that also includes geographical expansion.

About BlueTC

BlueTC is a telecommunications consultancy that has specialized in consultancy services that effectively support Telecom Network Equipment Vendors, Network Service Providers and Systems Integrators by providing services throughout different phases of the telecoms product life cycle. It contributes to the design, development, customization, verification and integration of telecom products and solutions by actively participating in its customers’ activities in the areas of R&D and Professional Services. BlueTC is a privately held company, established in 2005 in Madrid, from where it serves mainly the European Union. In 2011 the turnover reached 5.5 million euros. It is an approved local and global service provider for international telecoms infrastructure developers.

For more information about BlueTC and the company’s competencies and experiences, please contact Hans M. Svanbom at press@laude.tech.


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