May 26 2015

Blue Telecom Consulting Presents M2M Active Monitoring Solution That Measures and Analyses the Quality of Network Services

  • M2M Active Monitoring is a flexible and customizable cloud solution permitting both operators and corporate customers to monitor the performance of services and take steps to ensure their quality
  • The solution is specifically designed for international use, capable of measuring the quality of services even while roaming

MADRID, May 26, 2015.- Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC),an international telecoms consultancy that offers innovative solutions and services to operators, system integrators and network equipment manufacturers, presents its M2M Active Monitoring solution. It has been developed in-house and allows companies to monitor and analyse the performance and stability of the operator services required by IoT applications, in real-time and regardless of the type of network on which they are based.

The M2M Active Monitoring solution, which is already deployed in live networks in Europe, is a robust, non-intrusive and cloud based solution with multiple features that is applicable to all types of IoT networks (2G, 3G and 4G / LTE). Also, M2M Active Monitoring can control and analyse all service layers, from radio access to OTT applications via IP, SMS and voice.

The system consists of several components:

  • Service Monitoring Equipment. Its deployment does not require integration in the network itself. The equipment carries out the service performance tests from the subscriber point of view and sends the results to a central server.
  • A Central Server, in the Cloud, collects the results from the tests performed. Through the configuration of alarms, the server automatically reacts in certain conditions.
  • A Web Portal. This allows the operator or its customers to analyse the data collected as well as to manage and configure the Service Monitoring Equipment.

Miguel Angel Garcia Matatoros, CEO of BlueTC, says that “the operator offering within the M2M field must achieve high levels of service as the performance of its customers may depend on applications developed for this environment. Therefore, it is essential to be able to monitor the performance of the platform and ensure that services are provided efficiently and with the required quality.”

In this sense, BlueTC’s solution provides operators with an internal tool prepared for measuring the network performance from chosen strategic positions and during the periods of time they establish and collect data relevant to their business based on a series of KPIs. This information may be analysed and employed directly for the areas of O&M (Operations & Maintenance), as well as for optimisation purposes if combined with network analytics techniques.

Moreover, companies that base their business operations on M2M technology now have a tool that measures the service provided by the operator in real-time. Thus, the data collected can be reviewed and analysed to ensure that the contracted service levels are met (SLA compliance). The solution also allows the provisioning of proactive maintenance and support services to end customers.

The new solution that Blue Telecom Consulting has launched has been especially designed for international use, as it offers support for roaming and is compatible with a wide range of mobile access technologies. Furthermore, it may be adapted to different operator needs and to those of their corporate customers, achieving full compatibility in any geographic area worldwide.

About Blue Telecom Consulting

Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC) provides innovative solutions and services aimed at evolving and optimising telecom networks to operators, system integrators and network equipment manufacturers.

The company works within the following main service lines: Network & Performance Analytics, Service Monitoring and Assurance, IMS / VoLTE Network Security and Conformance Audits and finally System and Operational Automation & Optimisation.

The company works with top tier companies in the telecommunications sector in various countries and takes on projects globally. It has the ability to work in multivendor environments and offers great flexibility regarding customer collaboration and project delivery models.

The company was established in Madrid in 2005 and opened an office in Sweden in 2012, serving all the Nordic countries, and started commercial activities in the United Kingdom in 2013.

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