March 10 2014

Blue Telecom Consulting Exhibits at the CeBIT in Hannover Presenting Solutions for Enterprise Telecom Networks

BlueTC exhibits at the CeBIT 2014,  presenting their suites of solutions in the areas of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications and Predictive Analytics applied to the performance of telecommunications networks, respectively.

In this edition, one of the highlighted topics, due to the large interest it is experiencing in the informatics and telecommunications sector at large, is Big Data and “datability”, or the capability of analyzing data in a rapid, smart and responsible way. BlueTC, being aware of the growing importance of managing and interpreting enormous quantities of data, has launched a suite of solutions of Predictive Analytics specifically tailored to networks and company databases. Thus, their offering includes innovative solutions for Network Operations and Business. Other areas of application are the more traditional business areas and marketing.

Generally speaking, the implementation of these solutions assists the customers in their planning, optimization and management of their network operations and corporate information systems.

Within M2M Communications, BlueTC has developed a suite of smart solutions that allow for a seamless and economic implementation. Also the time-to-market is reduced and large savings may be obtained in the area of operations.

More specifically, for the M2M networks, BlueTC offers an active monitoring solution, that permits a close monitoring of the quality of the mobile network through which a company offers its services, but as experienced by the end user. This is supplemented by a system that monitors the level of fulfillment of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) associated to the M2M connectivity offered by the service providers. This system facilitates the control and follow-up of the objective quality of the mobile services offered to companies in specific locations or points of services and operations; like corporate offices, service centers, points of sales or in relation to fleet management.

At the, CeBIT, BlueTC is located in the Hall 6–Stand K55 in the “International Start Up Area”. This pavilion also hosts companies specialized in Web & Mobile Solutions.

About Blue Telecom Consulting

Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC) is an international telecommunications consultancy that offers specialized consulting services & solutions to Service Providers and more recently to the Enterprise Segment.

The company works with top tier companies mainly in the telecommunications sector in various countries and takes on projects globally. It has the ability to work in multivendor environments and offers great flexibility regarding customer collaboration and project execution models.

BlueTC’s mission is to create value for customers by developing their own innovative, services and solutions and its portfolio focuses on evolving & optimizing networks.

Recently, very cost effective solutions were launched for the M2M Communications area; like Fast Service Expansion, M2M Active Monitoring and Enterprise SLA Management System. In the area of Network Predictive Analytics, innovative solutions for Business, Network Operations and Engineering areas are offered.

BlueTC was established in Madrid in 2005, opened offices in Sweden in 2012 and started commercial activities in Germany & the UK in 2013. It has strategic partners in Mexico and Brasil. In 2013 the company’s turnover reached 8.5 million Euros.

More information available at the Corporate Blog, in LinkedIn Company Page or via email to

Media Contact, Spain:
Mrs. Maria Luisa Jimenez Yuste
Abrego Communication
Mobile: + 34 672 004 014

International Media Contact:
Mrs. Cecilia Lie
BlueTC Marketing & Communications Manager
Mobile: +34 625 923 998


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