May 10 2017

Blue Telecom Consulting announces operator solutions and services for secure, well dimensioned and high quality LTE networks

Madrid/London, May 10 2017.- Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®), an international telecoms  consultancy, both a panel session sponsor and exhibitor at the IMS World Forum 2017, will be presenting new solutions and services that aim at solving challenges around the evolution and optimisation of mobile networks.

But Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) is seeing a consistent trend that operators are layering networks and running them in parallel which is not financially sustainable in the medium or long term. Being an all-IP network, LTE is another network and is not intrinsically compatible with 2G and 3G. As an all-IP network, it provides customers with a better mobile broadband experience and can deliver services which require bandwidth on the move, such as video, which is high in demand.

Given the realisation that 2G and 3G networks will at some point of time be turned off, naturally there is a compelling desire from the operator perspective to support voice with superior quality of service over LTE. This though, requires further investments in the core IMS and LTE for radio, which together with compatible handsets are the basic ingredients for VoLTE.

All-IP networks are also exposed to new security risks and vulnerabilities, which again call for new tools and solutions in the area of network security.

In order to assure that the commercial launch and roll-out of services like Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) and Video over LTE (ViLTE) are a success from day one, BlueTC recommends considering a series of questions of technical and operational art:

  • Core Network Readiness: It is crucial that the Core Network has the right foundation in order to successfully support legacy and new IMS based services.
  • IMS & VoLTE E2E Testing Automation: Functional Automated Testing is typically applicable in Use Case testing services, needed for E2E service functional acceptance. The Time to Market and testing cycle costs may be reduced by applying different testing automation tools and methods to an existing service testing environment.
  • VoLTE E2E Service Readiness: In addition to the core network services, VoLTE E2E service readiness and quality need to be tested.
  • IMS/VoIP Security Management: A comprehensive Security Validation is recommended, complemented by a real-time Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

BlueTC’s major novelty at the IMS World Forum is the presentation of a series of advanced security solutions for security management of IP networks. These innovative solutions address the early detection, classification and elimination of security threats to IP-based services and also offer protection against future attacks, all at an affordable cost. BlueTC’s Validation service has a unique focus on the SIP-messaging protocols and access to a library with millions of real and theoretical threat cases, against which exhaustive testing may be performed. The validation service may be complemented by a real-time intrusion detection system (IDS) system.

Ian Ginn, BlueTC’s sales director in the UK, will also be participating in a panel session on mobile network security, where he will be sharing his vision on this current topic. According to Mr. Ginn, “the audience will be able to acquire a good vision of today’s threat landscape and how to proactively handle this”. 

About Blue Telecom Consulting

Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) is an international telecoms consultancy that offers innovative solutions and services to operators, network equipment manufacturers, system integrators and enterprises that employ IoT Technologies in their operations and/or products and services. 

Established in Madrid in 2005, it has offices in Spain, Sweden and the UK and through partners also cover Latin America.

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