April 7 2014

Blue Telecom Consulting Adds Advanced Network Security Solutions to their Portfolio Aimed at European Telecom Operators

The new solutions provided by BlueTC, include IMS and IP Security, both focusing on the early detection, management and elimination of ongoing threats in a smart and cost effective way.

The increased use of services supported by IMS networks combined with new technologies like VoLTE, and the integration with external networks through MVNO’s and roaming agreements, together is creating a set of new security risks, vulnerabilities and challenges to operators. Unlike in Europe, in Japan and the USA a few technologically advanced operators are today already experiencing and successfully resolving these issues. One of the leading vendors in Japan is NextGen, BlueTC’s selected partner in this area, which is a pioneer in IMS/VoIP solutions for telecom operators. From their strong track record can be mentioned their participation in real projects, like “first voice over full-IP toll bypass deployment” and “first virtualized IMS core systems deployment”, all performed in Japan. They are also leaders in SBC Integrations in this market.

The close collaboration with NextGen, initiated early in 2013, has resulted in the BlueTC now being able to offer an optimal and more complete protection of networks to European operators. Within IMS, an area in which BlueTC has ample experience from working with telecom network equipment manufacturers in the past 8 years, a specific Suite of IMS Security Solutions is offered. This includes a unique security suite for preventing specific attacks and detecting vulnerabilities by targeting the Access and Core IMS networks. It has been developed thanks to NextGen’s extensive field experience with all the main operators in Japan and a few from the USA and has resulted in the creation of effective methods for detecting and protecting the IMS networks from malicious attacks.

More precisely, the Suite of IMS Security Solutions now provided jointly by BlueTC and NextGen to European operators, offers a Security Audit service of high value and that can be rapidly executed and also a real-time Monitoring and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) product. Both the latter are specifically designed for use in IMS and VoIP networks. The implementation of this technology, combined with existing SBCs (Session Border Controllers), provides very cost effective solutions for managing ongoing threats and protecting the networks for future services. The savings on facility and operations’ costs on average attain 50% and 60%, respectively.

The Security Solutions that BlueTC brings to the European market, have already been presented to a selection of Operators in some European countries. In an effort to make these potential new security threats and solutions known to a wider set of Operators, the company attends the Network Security Summit in Berlin. This conference forms part of the Policy Control and Data Pricing, organized by Informa Telecoms & Media in collaboration with the GSMA this week. The two organizers also acknowledge the increasing vulnerabilities that operators experience “as a direct result of all-IP networks and a growing number of access points”, which is why they in the 2nd consecutive year put on the Network Security Summit as part of the 3 day event.


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