October 15 2020

#6: Using the Power of Analytics/AI to Simulate & Model Network Investments

In this third Webinar about AI and Data Analytics applied to telco organisations, we will show you how powerful data analysis, modelling and simulations can be for strategic decisions about the design, dimensioning and upgrades of networks and network elements, to ensure effective investments.

Modelling and simulating “what-if” scenarios before committing budgets and/or spending time on planning, building or scaling the network often lead to better investment decisions, thus an improved ROI.

The topics covered are:

  • Introduction to BlueTC’s Excellence Principles
  • Using Advanced Analytics/AI for Simulation & Modelling
  • Setting the Scene – BlueTC’s Approach and Types of Use Cases
  • BlueTC’s Agentless Data Connector
  • Deriving Actionable Insights
  • The Project Delivery Process
  • Use Case Section
  • Use Case 1 – Network Analytics BSA Benchmarking
  • Use Case 2 – 360° Network Performance Audit
  • Use Case 3 – Radio Access Planning
  • Use Case 4 – Voice QoS Analysis
  • Wrap-Up and Recommendations
  • Q&A Session
  • Thank you and Contact Details

If you would like to receive a link to a private recording of the other Webinars in this series, or on other topics, please send and email with your contact data to marketing@laude.tech.


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