July 1 2020

#3: DevOps Security Specific Aspects for Telecom Operators

For this third Webinar, Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) has chosen to focus on the important security aspects operators must be aware of.

DevOps is a holistic practice which Operators need to embrace to fulfill customer expectations. One of the most overlooked aspects is security that we believe should be taken into account throughout the entire C/I and C/D processes. This Webinar will explore the current status and Telco specific security challenges that Operators face and highlight some actions which should be considered to improve security, and that also addresses the “Stream Gap” between the vendor and the operator respective DevOps processes.

We believe anyone involved in the management of DevOps and the process from Planning though to Operations will find that the insights are thought provoking and of benefit to their daily work.

BlueTC and its partners offer security assessment and monitoring and can also provide security consulting and services to vendors and mobile operators alike.

If you would like to receive a link to a private recording of the other Webinars in this series, or on other topics, please send and email with your contact data to marketing@laude.tech.


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