June 17 2020

#2: Test Automation as a CornerStone of the Networks

In this Webinar we focus on Testing Automation and how this can be achieved in a mobile operator. As networks become more complex and Agile work methods have led to more frequent and smaller upgrades of services, more testing has to be performed in shorter cycles in order to continuously validate progress. The only logical answer is to automate this process. Automation has thus become an integral part of DevOps, not just a question of efficiency and cost savings.

BlueTC and its partners offer automation frameworks and also automation services to equipment vendors and mobile operators alike.

This Webinar covers these topics:

  • Introduction of Webinar and Testing Partner Netmetrix
  • Why use Testing Automation and AI?
  • Testing Automation Use Cases in Labs
  • Use Case: Service Providers’ Core Networks – Regression testing efficiency
  • Use Case: Regression Testing in Migration project with +300 SW and HW Variances Tested
  • Use Case: Carrier Voice Regression Testing for Full Automation
  • Use Case: Mobile Edge Testing of Voice Interconnect in FTTX
  • Use Case: Device Testing and Certification
  • IMS Security Testing (SIP)
  • Testing Automation in DevOps Scenarios
  • VNF Testing – Velocity
  • Wrap-Up and Recommendations
  • Q&A Session
  • Thank you and Contact Details

If you would like to receive a link to a private recording of the other Webinars in this series, or on other topics, please send and email with your contact data to marketing@laude.tech.


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