March 24 2021

#10 Bonus Webinar – Raising Awareness of 5G Security for Operators – EU Regulations and Best Practice

This Bonus Webinar sums up the main conclusions in BlueTC’s three former Webinars around 4G and 5G Voice Security.

Our two guest speakers are Mélanie Scheidt, Policy Assistant at the European Commission’s DG CONNECT, and Goran Milenkovic, Cybersecurity Expert at ENISA – the European Agency for Cybersecurity. Together they take us through the work that has been done to coordinate the work on securing 5G Networks in Europe, the EU 5G Cybersecurity Toolbox launched in January 2020, other guidelines and tools available and upcoming initiatives like a new certification scheme and guidance about security in NFV environments.

Useful links:

  1. EU 5G Toolbox
  2. EU Cybersecurity Strategy
  3. EU Coordinated risk assessment
  4. Report on the Impacts of the Commission Recommendation of March 2019 (December 16 2020)
  5. ENISA Reports

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