June 3 2020

#1: Optimising Data Lakes With AI for Near Real-Time Exploitation

1 Webinar: Optimising Data Lakes for Near Real-Time Exploitation (June 3, 2020)

There are a couple of factors that differentiate BlueTC from other consultancies which is our deep knowledge of telecom and also our experience with using AI in Near Real Time scenarios. This is particularly useful in organisations where there are vast amounts of data that constantly flow and where certain KPIs may strongly affect the network performance and thus services and the user experience.

This Webinar will cover some of the elements in BlueTC’s methodology that are of value to organisations that would like to start working with AI in this area. A part from this, we will speak about the main results that can be expected when applying AI analytics tools and the appropriate methodology to the data in your data lake. Finally, some advice will also be given around how to get started with the gathering of data and what pitfalls you should be aware of if new to this.

If you would like to receive a link to a private recording of the other Webinars in this series, or on other topics, please send and email with your contact data to marketing@laude.tech.


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